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# «Brand» «Name» «Definition» «Description» «Location» «A/V» «Note» « Rank »
Gulden DraakAle Product of Belgium  Br. Van Steenberge, Belgium 10.50 Beer just should not be that strong. 5.0
PiraatAle Product of Belgium  Br. Van Steenberge, Belgium 10.50 Look at the alcohol by vol. value. And now at the rating. Weird? Yes it is. 7.0
Victory BrewingGolden Monkey Tripel Ale  Downingtown, PA 9.50 Don't do it unless you want an aching head in the morning. www.victorybeer.com 3.0
BornemTriple Ale Product of Belgium  Br. Van Steenberge, Belgium 9.00  5.0
Sam AdamsDouble Bock Dark Lager  Boston, MA 8.80 Richly malty and full-bodied. Not my personal preference but I have to admit it's a pretty good beer of its kind. If you like dark and creamy thick beers, you got to try this one. www.samadams.com 7.0
Brune d'AchouffeSpicy Brown Beer   Les Brasseurs RJ, Montreal 8.50 Canada: bottle 660 ml. For such a strong beer it's very good. www.brasseursrj.com 7.0
Ommegang  A Belgian-style Abbey Ale - top fermented and bottle conditioned, yielding a rich, fruity, aromatic, burgundian brew. Brewery Ommenang, Cooperstown, NY 8.50 What would you expect from a beer that strong? It's pretty good, guys. 1 pint 9.4 fl. oz. bottle, $4.50. 7.0
AugustijnAle Product of Belgium Anno 1295. Br. Van Steenberge, Belgium 8.00 Not so bad for such a strong beer. 6.0
BaltikaExtra #9 Pale Beer  St. Peterburg, Russia 8.00 Too much alcohol 2.0
Blonde d'AchouffeSpicy strong beer   Les Brasseurs RJ, Montreal 8.00 Canada: bottle 660 ml. Really strong. www.brasseursrj.com 7.0
BornemDouble Ale Product of Belgium  Br. Van Steenberge, Belgium 8.00 Beer just should not be that strong. 5.0
Cuvee De Koninck  Antwerpen, Belgium 8.00  6.0
La Trappe Since 1884  Tilburg, Holland 8.00 Kind of too strong for a lager, and more dark than a lager should be. Clay bottle. 4.0
OkhotaStrong It's a Hunting Season  Russia 8.00  3.0
LionStout Imported  Sri Lanka / Ceylon 8.00 Strong chocolaty stout. 7.2
HennepinBottle Conditioned Belgian-Style Ale  Brewery Ommenang, Cooperstown, NY 7.50 Good, but feels a little too strong. 1 pint 9.4 fl. oz. bottle, $4.50. 6.0
Doppel HirshBavarian Doppelbock   Germany 7.20 Regular bock, rather watery, bready taste. 6.0
Dogfish HeadAprihop India Pale Ale Small brewery, big beer. Coastal Delaware 7.00 You got to be pretty good to brew a good strong beer with an apricot taste. Not sure they are that good. 5.0
SakuEstonian Porter   Estonia 7.00 Very malty and sweet. 5.0
Red Tail Ale American Classic  Mendocino Brewing Co., Hopland, CA 6.40 Surprisingly fresh and full bodied, a good one, a really good beer, would recommend for a party. 7.0
Young'sSpecial London Ale Millenium Edition Ale Matured in the Bottle. CAMRA Champion Bottle Conditioned Beer of Britain 1999 The Ram Brewery, Wandsworth, London, England 6.40 $2.99 a 1 pt 0.9 US fl. oz. bottle, www.youngs.co.uk A good beer with a european taste 7.0
ErebuniErebuni Lager  Yerevan 6.40 Malty, mineraly, not much aftertaste, doesn't give away it's high alcohol content 7.0
Watch City Brewing Co.Legerete Belgian Spring Ale  Waltham, MA 6.30 Although too strong, wheat taste makes it interesting. Www.watchcitybrew.com 6.0
PerlaChmielowa Pils Beer  Lublin, Poland 6.20 Hope this is not the best polish beer. Too much malt and yeast. 2.0
Wiesen Edel-WeisseGeorg Schneider Original bottle fermentation  Bavaria, Germany 6.20 www.schneider-weisse.de 7.0
FischerAmber Tradition Biere D’Alsace Product of France since 1821 Brasserie Fischer, France 6.00 Pretty much like Baltica 3.0
Samuel Smith's2000-2001 Winter Welcome Ale  Brewed at Yorkshire’s oldest brewery. Tadcaster, England 6.00 Neutral taste, little bit bready, more like a dark brew 6.0
Watch City Brewing Co.Hops Explosion   Waltham, MA 6.00 Too bitter. Www.watchcitybrew.com 5.0
BATEMANSBATEMANS VICTORY ALE ALE Full flavoured and aromatic Strong Pale Ale. A predominantly fruity aroma with a malty palate balanced with an exquisite hop character.  George Bateman and Son Ltd, Salem Bridge Brewery, Wainfleet, Lincolnshire PE24 4JE  6.00 слишком крепкий на мой вкус и не "игристый" на Dragoon похож...  5.0
The ShipyardOld Thumper Extra Special Ale Ringwood Brewery Portland, Maine 5.90 www.shipyard.com 7.0
Watch City Brewing Co.Titan Ale   Waltham, MA 5.90 Too bitter. Www.watchcitybrew.com 5.0
Otter Creek BrewingCopper Ale Craft brewed in Vermont Inspired by the Altbiers of Northern Germany, Copper Ale is a medium-bodied amber ale Middlebury, VT 5.85 Copper color and a light background bitte rness, a well-balanced beer, www.ottercreekbrewing.com. 6.0
The Tremont BreweryFestival Ale, Limited Release 2000 Reserve Tremont Festival Ale is our newest seasonal. A hoppier version of an ESB (extra special bitter), Tremont Festival Ale has a has a ruby red color, caramel malt character and big hop flavor and aroma. This limited-edition seasonal ale is available on draught and in bottles. Boston, MA 5.80 Dark, rich bitter taste, www.tremontale.com 5.0
TolstyakStrong A Beer for Friends  Russia 5.80  3.0
YarpivoElitnoye (Premium) Product of Russia  Yaroslavl, Russia 5.80  2.0
Sierra NevadaPale Ale  This is a handmade natural ale. There are no additives, only fine barley malts, whole hops, brewer’s yeast and crystal clear water. The fine layer of yeast in each bottle is a result of the Kraeusening process which produces carbonation naturally in the bottle. Chico, CA 5.60 So so 4.0
Smuttynose Brewing Co.Old Brown Dog Ale   Portsmouth, NH 5.60 Dark brown color. 6.0
Super Bock Sabor Autentico  Portugal 5.60 Nothing special, www.superbock.pt 6.0
PaulanerHefe-Weizen Natural Wheat  Munich, Germany 5.50 Typical wheat beer, not bad. 7.0
Wild GooseIndia Pale Ale   Frederick, Maryland 5.50 For a IPA, nothing special. www.wildgoosebeer.com 5.0
Sam AdamsHoney Porter Brewmaster's Collection A robust porter made with honey Boston, MA 5.45 Drinkable 7.2
Sam AdamsIrish Red Brewmaster's Collection  Boston, MA 5.45 Not my style, but pretty good. 7.0
KalnapilisExport Premium Beer  Panevezys, Lithuania 5.40 Nothing special. 3.0
The Tremont BreweryTremont Porter Bottle Conditioned Ale A London-style porter, Tremont Porter is brewed with five malts and Cascade, Fuggles and East Kent Goldings hops. This dark ale has a fruity, vanilla aroma with a chocolate and roasted malt flavor. Boston, MA 5.40 Very dark, almost black, light wheat taste, www.tremontale.com 5.0
CatamountPorter Enjoy Vermont This award-winning beer has long been a Catamount favorite. The dark, roasted malts are the signature of the Porter style, yet a hoppy character and fruitiness balance this rich, tasty beer. Harpoon Brewery, Windsor, Vermont 5.30 Dark, but rather soft. 6.0
Tzar-Pushka   Brewery Hamovniki, Moscow? Russia 5.30  3.0
Belle GueuleOriginale Lager  Les Brasseurs RJ, Montreal 5.20 Canada: bottle 660 ml. Light beer with a european taste. www.brasseursrj.com 6.0
Belle GueulePilsner Pils  Les Brasseurs RJ, Montreal 5.20 Canada: bottle 660 ml. Very european (french) taste. www.brasseursrj.com 6.0
BruegelAmber Ale Product of Belgium  Br. Van Steenberge, Belgium 5.20 Feels strong and sweet. 6.0
ObolonLager   Obolon Brewery, Kiev, Ukraine 5.20  3.0
Old Speckled Hen English Fine Ale  Abingdon, Oxfordshire, England 5.20 Very good English ale. http://www.oldspeckledhen.co.uk/introduction.htm 8.0
Young'sDouble Chocolate Stout Luxury Draugth British oldest brewery The Ram Brewery, Wandsworth, London, England 5.20 Really not bad although I don't particularly like this type of beer. 7.0
The ShipyardExport Ale   Portland, Maine 5.10 www.shipyard.com 7.0
BaltikaUnfiltered #8 Special Wheat Beer  St. Peterburg, Russia 5.00 Not bad 6.0
BudweiserBudvar Original Czech Premium Lager  Czech Republic 5.00  6.0
BudweiserKing of Beers The World Renowned Budweiser Lager Beer  Anheuser-Busch, Inc., St.Louis, MO 5.00 Recommended for Superbowl 2002. Go Patriots!!! 4.0
KlinskoyeLuxurious   Russia 5.00  3.0
KraitPremium Lager Extra Smooth  Poland 5.00 It is bitter but kind of smooth 7.0
LabattPorter   Canada 5.00 Chocolate sweet, but not bad. 7.0
Samuel Smith'sOatmeal Stout The celebrated  Tadcaster, England 5.00 Taste of bread, rather dark 6.0
Samuel Smith'sNut Brown Ale  Brewed at The Old Brewery Tadcaster, Est. 1758. Tadcaster, England 5.00 A little bit bitter nutty taste 6.0
Samuel Smith'sOld Brewery Pale Ale  Brewed at The Old Brewery Tadcaster, Est. 1758. Tadcaster, England 5.00 A dark, bitter taste 5.0
Samuel Smith'sOrganically Produced Ale Organic Certification  Tadcaster, England 5.00 Neutral 6.0
Samuel Smith'sPure Brewed Lager Beer  Old Brewery (Tadcaster) Tadcaster, England 5.00 Light bready taste, watery aftertaste. 1 pt 2.7 fl. oz. bottle (550 ml) 7.0
Samuel Smith'sTaddy Porter The famous Old Brewery (Tadcaster) Tadcaster, England 5.00 Dark bready taste, probably too expensive for the taste. 6.0
SlavutichPremium Beer   Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine 5.00 Zaporizhzhya - how cool is that?! Well, the beer is not so cool 3.0
SteinlagerPremium Lager Pure New Zealand Beer  New Zealand Breweries Limited 5.00 Tastes like a light German beer, on the malty side. 6.0
TigerLager Beer Gold Medal  Asia Pacific Breweries, Singapore 5.00 Regular asian beer – watery and less hoppy. 7.0
Tree Medvedya (Three Bears)Pilsner Brewed in Russia   5.00  4.0
Wild GooseAmber   Frederick, Maryland 5.00 Richer malty taste, dark amber color. www.wildgoosebeer.com 6.0
Zolotaya Bochka (Golden Barrel)Classic   Russia 5.00  3.0
BATEMANSBATEMANS DARK LORD Dark Ruby Beer Dark Lord is brewed to commemorate ‘Black Tom' who fought in The Battle of Winceby, which took place near Lincolnshire Bollingbroke Castle in 1643. Black Tom was a courageous soldier who inspired his men with his ‘never say die’ attitude. This rich style of beer was drunk in the local taverns by Knighted Gentry celebrating their victories. It is an ideal accompaniment to Roast Beef or Venison. A dark ruby beer with a rich flavour and spicy finish. The hop grist adds a hint of citrus to complement the roasted malt character.  George Bateman and Son Ltd, Salem Bridge Brewery, Wainfleet, Lincolnshire PE24 4JE  5.00 Очень даже хорошее тёмное пиво...  7.0
FischerBitter Biere D'Alsace Product of France since 1821 Brasserie Fischer, France 4.90 Pretty much like Baltica 3.0
MonchshofSchwarzbier   Kulmbacher Brauerei, Germany 4.90  7.0
YarpivoLedyanoye (Ice Beer) Product of Russia  Yaroslavl, Russia 4.90  4.0
BaltikaClassic #3 Lager Beer  St. Peterburg, Russia 4.80 Too sour 2.0
The Tremont BreweryTremont Ale English Style Pale Ale Tremont Ale is our flagship offering. An English-style pale ale, Tremont Ale has a deep copper color, a malty middle, crisp hoppy flavor and a dry refreshing finish. With the exception of the water used to brew it, all of the ingredients in Tremont Ale are imported, including the prized British hop East Kent Goldings. Boston, MA 4.80 Rather light comparing to other Tremont beers, a little bit bitter, www.tremontale.com 5.0
Magic HatFat Angel Pale Ale  Magic Hat Brewing Company, Burlington, VT 4.80 One of the most balanced beers I've ever tasted. 8.0
BATEMANSBATEMANS TRIPLE XB (XXXB) Classic Premium Pale Ale Superb Classic Bitter with a complex palate of robust hop flavour balanced by malt.  George Bateman and Son Ltd, Salem Bridge Brewery, Wainfleet, Lincolnshire PE24 4JE  4.80 Не крепкий и вполне ...  6.0
PatraDark   Russia 4.70  3.0
The ShipyardBlue Fin Stout   Portland, Maine 4.70 Black, with a pale taste of bread, rather neutral. www.shipyard.com 5.0
BATEMANSBATEMANS COMBINED HARVEST Multigrain Beer Combined Harvest is a unique combination of brewing worts, or extracts from a variety of cereals. Most premium ales are brewed only using malted barley, but this multigrained beer has a blend of malted oats, malted rye, and malted wheat. The end result is lots of flavour. A unique multigrain blend of malted barley, oats, rye and wheat. Grainy tasting with a delightful floral start and finish.  George Bateman and Son Ltd, Salem Bridge Brewery, Wainfleet, Lincolnshire PE24 4JE  4.70 Очень вкусный эль... пожалуй лучший....  8.0
NevskoyePilsner   St. Peterburg, Russia 4.60  3.0
Magic HatNot Quite Pale Ale #9  Magic Hat Brewing Company, Burlington, VT 4.60 Apricot-flavored beer. It does taste fresh and it is easy to drink, but the apricot flavor could be more subtle. 6.0
BochkarevWhite Special Wheat   Russia 4.50  3.0
Hamovniches-koye   Moscow, Russia 4.50  3.0
KlinskoyeGolden   Russia 4.50  4.0
KvietinisNatural Wheat Beer   Shaulay, Lithuania 4.50 Actually, a pretty good wheat beer. It's really hard to make a bad wheat beer, huh? 6.0
OchakovoSpecial   Moscow, Russia 4.50  3.0
Sibirskaya Korona (Siberian Crown)Classic Noble Beer  Russia 4.50  3.0
SolodovClassic Premium Beer  Russia 4.50  3.0
Magic HatHocus Pocus Summer Ale  Magic Hat Brewing Company, Burlington, VT 4.50 Too sour, not a good balance 5.0
Золотая бочкаЗолотая бочка Разливное  Аромат слабый. Вкус мягкий и плотный. Во вкусе хорошо чувствуется хмелевая горечь. Но не сразу, а как бы во второй части, переходя в послевкусие. Не то, что бы хмеля уж там в достатке, но он есть. В целом добротный евролагер. (описание украл но полностью согласен) Калуга РФ 4.50  5.0
Atwater Block BreweryDirty Blond Ale Beer Is Good Made with unmalted wheat, coriander and orange peel to help you live smart & enjoy everyday! Detroit, MI 4.50 Simple as life, good as beer 6.0
PITHigh Quality Pilsner Breweries of Ivan Taranov  Russia 4.40 Watery 2.0
John Harvard'sHefe Weizen   1 Worcester Rd, Framingham MA 4.30 Proprietary draft, www.johnharvards.com 7.0
Zhiguli BeerClassical Beer   Gubernija Brewery, Shaulay, Lithuania 4.30 A remake of a famous Russian beer. Just about the same as the original. 3.0
TuskerFinest Quality Lager  Kenya's Heritage Since 1922 Kenya 4.20  5.0
John Harvard'sNutbrown Ale   1 Worcester Rd, Framingham MA 4.10 Proprietary draft, www.johnharvards.com 7.0
AphanasiyPilsner Dobroye (Virtuous)  Russia 4.00 Fruity. 4.0
Aspen EdgeLow-Carb Light Lager Crafted by Coors Masters Brewers  Coors Brewing Co., Golden, CO 4.00 Tastes just about like it sounds. But does have some alcohol in it. www.aspenedgelager.com 5.0
BochkarevCask Conditioned Right Beer   4.00  3.0
John Harvard'sPale Ale   1 Worcester Rd, Framingham MA 4.00 Proprietary draft, www.johnharvards.com 7.0
Murphy’sPub Draught Stout   UK 4.00 Guinness-type beer, drinkable, www.murphysbeers.com 7.0
Ostankinskoye   Moscow, Russia 4.00  4.0
The ShipyardBrown Ale   Portland, Maine 4.00 www.shipyard.com 7.0
BelhavenOriginal Best Draught. The Cream of Scottish Beer  Scottland 3.90 A creamy ale, english style. www.belhaven.co.uk 8.0
The ShipyardLight Ale   Portland, Maine 3.90 www.shipyard.com 5.0
Watch City Brewing Co.Tick Tock Golden Ale   Waltham, MA 3.90 Really golden in color, nothing special in taste. www.watchcitybrew.com 6.0
KilkiaKilikia Lager Kilikia by Yerevan Brewery Yerevan 3.80 Medium maltiness, hints of honey on the finish 7.0
John Harvard'sIrish Stout   1 Worcester Rd, Framingham MA 3.70 Proprietary draft, www.johnharvards.com 6.0
ModeloModelo Especial Lager  Mexico 3.50 Smooth, medium body, mildly potent, nothing remarkable, not much flavour 6.0
AbitaAmber   Abita Springs, Louisiana   7.0
Alexander Keith's IPA   Montreal, Canada  Tried draft. 7.0
AllagashWhite Beer Brewed with Spices  Portland, Maine  Unexpectedly watery and spiced taste for a white beer. Unusual in its class. 7.0
AmstelLight     Not very bad from the bottle, not very good comparing to other draft beers. 6.0
Anchor Brewing Co.Anchor Steam Beer  Anchor Steam brand beer is virtually hand-made with an exceptional respect for the ancient art of brewing. The deep amber color, the thick creamy head, and the rich flavor all testify to our traditional brewing methods. San Francisco, CA  Pale, bready, little bit bitter 8.0
Anchor Brewing Co.Our Special Ale 2004    It's really spicy, and yet good balanced. www.anchorbrewing.com 8.0
Anheuser World Select     Tried draft in Killington, VT. This beer is produced by the maker of American Budweiser! However, I always thought, what prevented Anheuser-Busch from making a real beer, with all their facilities and experience? Probably, this time they also asked themselves this same question. And made something. 6.0
ArsenalnoyeClassic Pilsner  Russia   3.0
Atlantic Brewing CompanyBar Harbor Real Ale Hand Crafted in Small Batches  Bar Harbor, Maine  Rather dark and bready 4.0
AyingerAltbairisch Dunkel  This Munich style dark lager was the most popular style of beer in Germany until World War II. Aying, Germany  Tried draft at Winking Wizard, Cleveland, OH. 7.0
AyingerBrau-Weisse Authentic Bavarian Hefe-Weizen  Aying, Germany  Good white beer. 7.0
AyingerJahrhundert-Bier Bavarian Specialty Lager  Aying, Germany  Tried from the bottle. 6.0
BassBass & Co Pale Ale Imported from England  Burton-On-Trent, England  Good, little bit bready taste, slightly dark color, www.bassale.com 8.0
BeamishGenuine Irish Stout   Cork, Ireland  Creamy chocolate kind. 6.0
BelhavenScottish Ale   Scottland  English style ale. 8.0
Belo   India  Standard lager. 6.0
Berkshire Brewing Co.Steel Rail Extra Pale Ale Local, fresh. South Deerfield, MA  A good beer worth a try. 7.0
Berkshire Brewing Co.Octoberfest Lager Local, fresh. South Deerfield, MA  Nothing interesting. 5.0
Bitburger   Germany  Tried draft 6.0
Blue Moon Brewing CompanyBlue Moon Belgian White, Belgian-Style Wheat Ale  Denver, CO, Memphis, TN  Pretty peculiar aftertaste, like based on a strange kind of water. 6.0
BoddingtonsPub Ale Imported from England  Manchester, England  1 Pint can with Draughtflow system. Creamy head and smooth body with little gas. Unusual, but good. 7.0
BorealeBlonde   Canada  Tried draft in Montreal. 5.0
BorealeRousse   Canada  Tried draft in Montreal. 7.0
Boston Beer WorksBoston Common Ale     Proprietary. 6.0
Boston Beer Works9 Alarm Amber Lager     Proprietary. 6.0
Boston Beer WorksHeymarket Hefeweizen     Proprietary. 8.0
Boston Beer WorksFenway Pale Ale     Proprietary. 6.0
Boston Beer WorksBoston Red Ale     Proprietary. 7.0
Boston Beer WorksBlack Rider's Lager     Proprietary. 7.0
Boston Beer WorksHub Dry     Proprietary. 7.0
Boston Beer WorksBullfinch Bitter     Proprietary. Not so bitter. 7.0
Boston Beer WorksACME Light     Proprietary. Little bit too watery. 6.0
Boston Beer WorksPeanut Butter Porter     Good dark creamy beer. 7.0
Brahma Importada do Brazil Desde 1888 Companhia Cervejaria Brahma, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  Very smooth and quaffable. Much like Corona but seems to be missing some character of the latter. 7.0
Brutopia BrewpupNut Brown Ale   Montreal, Canada  Draft, www.brutopia.net 5.0
Brutopia BrewpupBlackout Stout   Montreal, Canada  Draft, www.brutopia.net 5.0
Brutopia BrewpupHoney Beer   Montreal, Canada  Draft, www.brutopia.net 6.0
Brutopia BrewpupRaspberry Blond   Montreal, Canada  Draft, www.brutopia.net 6.0
BudKing of Beers   USA  Bought in Moscow, Russia. Rather worthy beer. 7.0
Buzzards Bay BrewingOlde Buzzard Golden Ale   Westport, MA  Good original taste, american 7.0
Buzzards Bay BrewingOlde Buzzard Lager   Westport, MA  Too bitter, but still refreshing, www.buzzardsbrew.com 5.0
Buzzards Bay BrewingOlde Buzzard Pale Ale   Westport, MA  Lager is somewhat better. 5.0
Cambridge Brewing Co.Cambridge Amber   One Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA  Proprietary draft, www.cambrew.com 7.0
Cambridge Brewing Co.Charles River Porter   One Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA  Proprietary draft, www.cambrew.com 6.0
Cambridge Brewing Co.Hefe-Weizen   One Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA  Proprietary draft, could be better, really. www.cambrew.com 6.0
Cambridge Brewing Co.Regatta Golden   One Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA  Proprietary draft, www.cambrew.com 7.0
Cambridge Brewing Co.Tall Tale Pale Ale   One Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA  Proprietary draft, www.cambrew.com 7.0
CarrabassettPale Ale Handcrafted and bottled by Casco Bay Brewing Company  Portland, Maine   4.0
Casco BayPilsner  Taste the tradition. Premium Maine Pilsner Portland, Maine  Slightly bitter taste. www.cascobaybrewing.com 6.0
Castle   India   5.0
Castle Springs Brewing Co.Lucknow Porter   Moulton-borough, NH  Rich bready taste, very dark brown color 6.0
Cerveceria del PacificoPacifico Clara Cerveza  Mexico  Light, little bit sour 6.0
Cerveceria ModeloCorona Extra La Cerveza Mas Fina  Mexico  Pretty good, light beer 7.0
Cisco BrewersWhale's Ale Pale Ale Nantucket Unfiltered and bottle-conditioned, this is an India style pale ale, characterized by an abundance of fruity hops. Nantucket, MA  Very fruity taste, but pretty drinkable for a beer from a champaign bottle. 7.0
City Steam Brewery CafeColt's Light Lager  Our lightest offering, in color and flavor and calories. Hartford, CT  Watery. www.citysteam.com 6.0
City Steam Brewery CafeCity Steam Ale  Our original brew! A smooth and easy drinking example of an English style draft "Mild Brown" ale. Hartford, CT  Nothing really special, but not bad. www.citysteam.com 7.0
City Steam Brewery CafeP.V.Porter  Named after our favorite Irish fiddle player, P.V. O'Donnell, who leads a rollicking traditional jam session in the bar every Wednesday evening.  Hartford, CT  Really good porter. www.citysteam.com 7.0
City Steam Brewery CafeThe Naughty Nurse   Hartford, CT  Good drinkable beer. www.citysteam.com 7.0
City Steam Brewery CafeWhite Wedding  A classic, cloudy, WIT beer, spiced with orange & coriander & served in a 22 oz. glass. Great for relaxing in the beer garden. Hartford, CT  The best unfiltered beer I tried so far. Indulgently creamy. Seasonal. www.citysteam.com 9.0
ConcordNorth Woods Ale   Shirley, MA  Have to say the taste is kind of woody. 7.0
ConcordPale Ale   Concord, MA  Pale amber color, crisp hop finish, not bad, surprisingly refreshing. www.concordbrew.com 5.0
Cooper's   Australia  Watery, an Australian Budweiser 5.0
CoorsLight   Colorado  Sometimes, you just need a light beer. 4.0
Cream Ale   Canada  Tried draft in Quebec. 6.0
CzechvarPremium Czech Lager     Specific east Europe beer taste 4.0
CrystalDiplomat Dark Beer From Ceske Budweiser  Czech Republic  Dark, good taste 7.0
CrystalLager Beer From Ceske Budweiser  Czech Republic  Light 6.0
Dos EquisXX Amber  Mexico  Very pale taste, watery 7.0
Double DiamondOriginal Burton Ale     Rather bready taste 6.0
Duckstein   Germany  A.E. tested at Papasha Muller's (Moscow, Russia) 6.0
Edelweiss   Austria  Elegant fine taste 8.0
EngelHefe-Wiezen     Nothing special, unfiltered. 6.0
ErdingerWeissbier Dunkel  Germany  Dark unfiltered, standard quality, tried draft 8.0
ErdingerPikantus Dunkel Weizen-bock  Germany  www.erdinger.de 7.0
ErdingerWeissbier Kristalklar  Germany  www.erdinger.de 7.0
Flying DogIn-Heat Wheat Hefeweizen Cut the leash Denver, CO  For a white beer - pretty bad, especially that bitter aftertaste, www.flyingdogales.com 5.0
Foster’sFoster's Lager  Foster's Lager was first brewed in Melbourne in 1888. Developed for the harsh warm climate of Australia. Foster's Lager has achieved worldwide recognition for its hearty, quenching flavor. It's brewed today as it was over 100 years ago, and is stillcelebrated as the definitive Australian beer. FBG Breweries, Toronto, Canada  Light and good 7.0
FranziskanerHefe-Weissbier   Munich, Germany   6.0
Fuller'sLondon Pride Pale Ale The Griffin Brewery in Chiswick, London has been brewing fine ales since 1654. The Fuller, Smith & Turner family partnership dates back over one hundred and fifty years, brewing an excellent range of award winning ales. England  Strong taste of bread, www.fullers.co.uk 6.0
Gaffel Kolsch   Cologne, Germany  Tried it right after Sam Adams Boston Lager. Seemed kind of watery and sour.  6.0
Geary's Pale Ale  Maine  Specific taste, pretty strong, amber color 7.0
Grail Pale Ale  New Hampshire's smallest brewery. New Hampshire's best beer. Fraconia Notch Brewing Co., Littleton, NH  Good beer with a fruit accent. www.notchbrew.com 7.0
Great DivideArapahoe Amber Ale   Denver, CO  Good american amber but pretty dull, www.greatdivide.com 6.0
Great DivideBee Sting Honey Ale   Denver, CO  An interesting beer with peculiar honey aftertaste, www.greatdivide.com 7.0
Great DivideDenver Pale Ale   Great Divide Brewing Co., Denver, CO  Nothing too special, but worth a try. 6.0
Great LakesDortmunder Gold   Cleveland, OH  Tried draft at Winking Wizard, Cleveland, OH. 7.0
Great LakesEliot Ness   Cleveland, OH  Tried draft at Winking Wizard, Cleveland, OH. 8.0
Great LakesChristmas Ale   Cleveland, OH  Tried draft at Winking Wizard, Cleveland, OH. 6.0
Griffon Blonde     Tried draft in Quebec. 6.0
Griffon Rousse     Tried draft in Montreal. 7.0
GuinnessDraught Pasteurized Stout  St. James's Gate Brewery, Dublin  Original creamy, with Guinness floating draught system. Very little gas. 7.0
GuinnessDraught Pasteurized Stout Drink straight from the bottle (or something like that) St. James's Gate Brewery, Dublin  Glass bottle, comes little better from a glass, but still okay. 7.0
GuinnessExtra Stout Traditionally Brewed  St. James's Gate Brewery, Dublin  Dark with almost a taste of a lager beer 8.0
GrolschAmber Ale Excellence in brewing since 1615  Holland  Good, little bit bready 7.0
Hacker-PschorrWeisse Dark Since 1417  Munich, Germany  Nothing special 6.0
Hacker-PschorrAmber, Original Oktoberfest Since 1417  Munich, Germany  Nothing special 6.0
Hammer & NailVienna Style Lager   Watertown, CT  Not bad but not very lively. 6.0
Hampshire Special AleHSA     Tried on draught 6.0
Harp Lager The Harp is as old as history. It was a favorite of the ancient Egyptians. The Greek poets sang to harp music. Nobody really knowns how the harp arrived in Ireland, or even when. Dundalk, Ireland  Rather light, neutral 8.0
Heineken     Lager with a light bready taste, soft and quaffable. Some fruity (apple) aftertaste. Peculiarity - bottled beer is as good if not better as draft. 7.0
HeinekenHeineken Dark Lager     Most likely, another newer appearance for the next entry. Not bad, little bit bready.. 7.0
HeinekenSpecial Dark Beer     Soft and still quaffable 8.0
Hinano Tahiti Premium Beer  Papeete, Tahiti  Surprisingly similar to some russian beers. 5.0
Hitachino NestWhite Ale   Kiuchi Brewery, Japan  Very interesting oriental taste, 11 oz. bottle. 8.0
Hoegaarden     A.E.'s favorite choice as of March, 2002. A great beer, available at many locations in the US, too. 8.0
Hofbrau MunchenMunchner Kindl Hefe Weizen Munich Wheat Specialty  Munich, Germany  A good wheat beer. 7.0
Hopf HefeWeiss BierHelle Weisse   Bavaria  Excellent beer 7.0
Hopf HefeWeiss BierDie Leichtere   Bavaria  Too light and watery, nothing bad to say about but also nothing good. 5.0
Horseshoe Ale   Ninety Nine Restaurant & Pub  Not bad, but I would not recommend to drink more than 3 24-oz mugs. www.99restaurants.com 7.0
Hyland'sAmerican Pale Ale  Handcrafted by three stout men of Hyland. Hyland Orchard, Sturbridge, MA  A good, well-balanced beer, www.hylandbrew.com 8.0
IpswichOriginal Ale The Original American Ale  Ipswitch, MA  Strong specific taste, fresh and kind of bitter 6.0
John Harvard'sHarvest Spice   1 Worcester Rd, Framingham MA  Comes with the glass' rim dipped into spices, mostly cinnamon sugar, www.johnharvards.com 7.0
John Harvard'sHoliday Red   1 Worcester Rd, Framingham MA  Little bit too hoppy, www.johnharvards.com 6.0
Julius EchterHefe-Weiss Premium Bavarian Ale    Sweet taste, but pretty quaffable 7.0
JW Dundee'sOriginal Honey Brown Lager flavored with honey  Rochester, NY  Neutral beer taste 6.0
Kelt   Slovakia   6.0
Kilkenny   Ireland  Tried draft in Quebec, Canada. 7.0
Kingfisher   India   4.0
Kirin Brewery Company, LimitedKirin Lager World Classic since 18888  Made by Anheuser-Busch, Los Angeles, CA  Although pretends to have some story behind it, seems to be just another tasteless watery beer like Bud 3.0
Kirin IchibanSpecial Premium Reserve   Made by Anheuser-Busch, Los Angeles, CA  It is better than lager. 5.0
KnuckleballBock Beer   Stone Coast Brewing Co.  A strange beer from Maine. Strong and malty. 6.0
Kona Brewing CompanyPacific Golden Ale   Hawaii  Tried on tap, www.konabrewingco.com 5.0
Kona Brewing CompanyLongboard Lager   Hawaii  Tried on tap, www.konabrewingco.com 5.0
Kona Brewing CompanyFire Rock Pale Ale   Hawaii  Tried on tap, www.konabrewingco.com 5.0
Kostrisser   Germany  Tried draft. 7.0
Kronenbourgh 1664  Biere Speciale de Haute Tradition Strasbourg, France  A little bit too european, almost russian 6.0
KrusoviceDark Kralovsky Pivovar Gold Medal Prague 1891 Czech Republic   5.0
KrusoviceImperial Kralovsky Pivovar Czech Premium Lager. Gold Medal Prague 1891 Czech Republic   4.0
Kumburak Bohemian Lager since 1872  Czech Republic  Light, a little bit sour. 6.0
Laoshan Beer   China  Typical Lager taste with somewhat exotic finish 6.0
LeffeBlond Belgian Ale, Abbey Ale Savor the Mystery of the Ages. Brussels, Belgium  Just a great beer. 8.0
LeffeBrown   Brussels, Belgium  Tried draft in Montreal. Very interesting beer. 9.0
Lone StarThe National Beer of Texas Pure. Texan. Beer. Serve Texas-Cold. Texas Born & Brewed. Don't Mess With Texas! Lone Star Brewing Co., Ft. Worth, Texas  Pretty strange taste, but closer to Budweiser and Co. 3.0
Long TrailAle     Tried draft in Killington, VT 6.0
Long TrailHarvest An Auburn brew This Brew is so darn smooth even the locals are excited! The Long Trail Brewing Co, VT  Spicy as all fall brews, not bad. 7.0
Long TrailHibernator     Tried draft in Killington, VT 7.0
Mass. Bay Brewing Co.Harpoon Pilsner Harpoon Pilsner is a clean, clear and crisp refreshing brew. A classic, using American malt and traditional hops to create a timeless beer. Boston, MA  A very mild and neutral taste, little bit bitter 5.0
Mass. Bay Brewing Co.Harpoon Ale Harpoon Ale is our original beer. First brewed in 1987, this classic American Ale features a deep, balanced flavor with a slightly fruity aroma. Boston, MA  Light fruity, bitter taste 6.0
Mass. Bay Brewing Co.Harpoon India Pale Ale Harpoon IPA is a highly hopped, copper colored ale with a high gravity in the tradition of IPA's. A refreshing, thirst-quenching brew. Boston, MA  Mild, bitter taste 7.0
Mass. Bay Brewing Co.Harpoon ESB Ale Harpoon ESB (Extra Special Bitter) is our version of the classic British style. Balanced malts and assertive hops create a complex flavor. Boston, MA  Not really bitter but rather neutral beer taste 6.0
Mass. Bay Brewing Co.Harpoon Summer Beer  Boston, MA  Recommended. www.harpoonbrewery.com 7.0
Mass. Bay Brewing Co.Harpoon Winter Warmer  Boston, MA  Cinnamon taste, not as bad as it could be. 7.0
Mick's Red     Tried draft in Montreal. 6.0
MillerLight      4.0
Mississippi MudBlack & Tan Famous Slow Brewed Beer  Utica, NY  1 Quart (32 Fl.Oz.) bottle. Dark, bready taste. 7.0
Moffat StationBig Dave's Tasmanian Lager   Winter Park, CO  A variation of bitter bready taste and dark color. 6.0
Moffat StationNever Summer Ale   Winter Park, CO  A variation of bitter bready taste and dark color. 6.0
MojoIndia Pale Ale   Rockies Brewing Co., Boulder, CO  Really hoppy. I mean it. www.rockiesbrewingcompany.com 7.0
MonchshofBockbier   Kulmbacher Brauerei, Germany   6.0
MooseheadLager   Canada  Light, neutral 6.0
Murphy’sIrish Amber Murphy's Irish Amber Ale  Netherlands  Slightly bitter, average 5.0
New AmsterdamAmber New York Amber Lager  Old Chelsea Station New York, NY  Kind of watery taste, dull color. 6.0
New Belguim Brewing Co.Fat Tire Amber Ale    Too bitter for an amber, www.newbelguim.com 5.0
Newport StormHurricane Amber Ale   Coastal Extreme Brewing Co, Newport, RI  Soft and neutral, www.newportstorm.com 7.0
Old PeculierTheakston Traditionally brewed Yorkshire Ale  Masham, England  Dark and strong english-style ale. 6.0
Otter Creek BrewingAlpine Ale Craft brewed in Vermont  Middlebury, VT  An interesting beer in color and taste. 7.0
Otter Creek BrewingA Winter's Ale Craft brewed in Vermont We craft brew A Winter's Ale in the tradition of the famous dark ales of Scotland. Auburn in color, its sweet and satisfying maltiness, creamy texture, and warm, spicy finish are sure to take the chill off of any cold winter's day. Middlebury, VT  Dark auburn color, rather pale taste, light fruity finish, www.ottercreekbrewing.com 6.0
Otter Creek BrewingMud Bock Spring Ale Craft brewed in Vermont When winter breaks up, we break out the bock. This traditional spring beer boasts a broad and deep maltiness. Lightly hopped and carefully conditioned, the aroma celebrates the arrival of Vermont sloppy spring. Middlebury, VT  Dark auburn color, rather pale taste, light bready taste, www.ottercreekbrewing.com. 6.0
Otter Creek BrewingOktoberfest Autumn Ale  Middlebury, VT  Acceptable, but too hoppy. 6.0
Paper City BreweryHolyoke Dam Ale   Holyoke, MA  Bitter aftertaste. 6.0
Paulaner Hefe Weissbier      5.0
PaulanerSalvator Double Bock Ale  Munich, Germany  Rather strong, not too bad. 7.0
Peroni Italy's number one beer  Rome   4.0
Pete's Brewing Co.Pete's Winter Brew Amber ale with nutmeg & raspberry flavor Congratulations. You are now in the possession of one of our highly coveted Pete's Winter Brews. A sensuous raspberry-amber ale made with the finest Cascade & Tettnang hops and pale & caramel malts. Tumwater, WA/Eden, NC  Very distinctive berry taste 6.0
Pete's Brewing Co.Pete's Summer Brew   Tumwater, WA/Eden, NC  With light lemon taste, refreshing 6.0
Pete’s Brewing Co.Pete's Wicked Ale The original American brown ale  Tumwater, WA/Eden, NC  Please don't think this is a beer. It's a brown lemonade with some Budweiser in it. 4.0
Pilsner UrquellPils  Born in the heart of Bohemia, Pilsner Urquell is the world's original golden beer. It's rich and complex, yet balanced flavor sets the standard by which all other pilsner style beers are measured today. Czech  Light bitter taste, www.Pilsner-Urquell.com 5.0
Radeburger   Germany  Regular german taste 7.0
Red HookESB Rich Amber Ale    Neutral, little bit bitter, soft amber 5.0
Red HookBlack Hook Porter Dark, but not bitter Seattle, WA  Neutral, watery taste, dark and bready 5.0
Red HookBlonde Ale     Good light beer 6.0
Red HookHefe-Weizen Unfiltered Wheat Ale  Seatle, WA, Portsmouth, NH  The bottle label recommends to lay the bottle on its side and gently roll it to release the rich flavors of the yeast. Or, otherwise, decant the ale for a subtler palate. The taste is really different. Light and bitter. 6.0
Red HookWinterhook Robust Winter Ale  Seatle, WA, Portsmouth, NH  Good seasonal beer, not much spice which is good for a winter ale 7.0
Red Seal Ale   North Coast Brewing Co., Mendocino County. CA  Drinkable, but way too hoppy. www.northcoastbrewing.com 6.0
Red Stripe Jamaican Lager  Jamaica  Pale taste, little bit bitter 4.0
Reissdorf KolschThe Classic Kolsch Ale  Koln, Germany  Very soft and kind of oily, www.reissdorf.de 8.0
Rock ArtRidge Runner   Morrisville, VT  Tried on tap at Pie In the Sky, Stowe, VT 8.0
Rock ArtWhitetail Golden Ale  Morrisville, VT  Average golden beer. 6.0
Rocky Run Tap & GrillBar Wench Brew Golden Ale  This western Canadian-style beer is made with pale malt and mildly hopped with pure northern hops, resulting in polished golden ale that is our lightest handcrafted micro beer. Baltimore, MD  www.rockyrun.com 7.0
Rocky Run Tap & GrillBig Gut Pale Ale  Made from 2-row malted barley, this American-style pale ale is smooth, lightly hopped and copper in color. Baltimore, MD  www.rockyrun.com 8.0
Rocky Run Tap & GrillBrew House Barrel Stout  A classic Irish stout made from black roasted barley with rich, coffee aftertaste. Baltimore, MD  www.rockyrun.com 7.0
Rocky Run Tap & GrillMaple Leaf Lemon Wheat  A German-style beer made from malted wheat, this soft, slightly tart lemon-flavored beer has a natural citrus taste. Baltimore, MD  A wheat beer. www.rockyrun.com 8.0
Rocky Run Tap & GrillMountie Red  This deep red Canadian ale made from caramel-malted barley is well hopped and has a slightly fruity taste and a dry, grainy aroma. Baltimore, MD  www.rockyrun.com 7.0
Rolling RockGreen     Light low-carb beer. Do you need more information? 5.0
Royal Challenge    India  Too strong. 5.0
Rudolph's RevengeWinter Ale Bottle Conditioned  Cropton Brewery, UK  When pouring into a glass be very careful not to disturb the yeast sediment on the bottom. 5.0
Saint AmbroisePale Ale   Montreal, Canada  Tried draft. 6.0
Saint Patrick BrewpubAmber   Quebec, Canada  Tried draft. 6.0
Saint Patrick BrewpubStout   Quebec, Canada  Tried draft. 7.0
Saint Patrick BrewpubBlonde   Quebec, Canada  Tried draft. 7.0
Salem Beer WorksHawthorne Hefe-Weizen   Salem, MA  White beer is good. This one is served in a 20 oz. glass with a slice of lemon on the edge. 8.0
Salem Beer WorksMarblehead Mild   Salem, MA  Interesting beer, really mild taste, almost no taste, but feels fresh. 7.0
Salem Beer WorksNorth Shore Light   Salem, MA  Watery. 6.0
Salem Beer WorksSalem Pale Ale   Salem, MA  Kind of bitter, but fresh taste. 7.0
Salem Beer WorksWhite Christmas Ale   Salem, MA  Very good beer. 8.0
Salem Beer WorksWitch City Red   Salem, MA  Not bad. 7.0
Sam AdamsBlack Lager Brewmaster's Collection  Boston, MA  Best of both worlds. 8.0
Sam AdamsBoston Ale Stock  Boston, MA  Amber color, rich, kind of creamy taste, little bit too hoppy. www.samadams.com 6.0
Sam AdamsBoston Lager   Boston, MA  Bitter taste. www.samadams.com 7.0
Sam AdamsCranberry Lambic  Wheat beer brewed with cranberry juice and other natural flavors. Boston, MA  Well, if you think there is such a thing as "fruit" beer, go ahead. I am not sure though. 5.0
Sam AdamsHefeweizen Unfiltered  Boston, MA  Crisp aftertaste, good with a wedge of lemon. 7.0
Sam AdamsLight  Sam Adams Light has a taste unlike any other light beer. It's the only light beer made from two-row malt and 100% noble hops. Boston, MA  Interesting amber color. Other than that - rather bleak neutral taste. 128 calories. www.samadams.com 6.0
Sam AdamsOctoberfest Seasonal Brew, 2003 We brew Samuel Adams OctoberFest to celebrate the arrival of autumn. This hearty lager is rich with a blend of four malts, carefully balanced with hand-selected Noble Hops. Samuel Adams OctoberFest is a classic beer style brewed in the finest American tradition. Boston, MA  Dark color but rather neutral taste with a bread tint. www.samadams.com 6.0
Sam AdamsOctoberfest Seasonal Brew, 2004  Boston, MA  Like it much better than the previous year. 8.0
Sam AdamsOld Fezziwig Ale  Ale brewed with cinnamon, ginger and orange. Boston, MA  Hard seasonal ale, not so bad. www.samadams.com 6.0
Sam AdamsPale Ale Authentic American Ale  Boston, MA  Flavorful and thick www.samadams.com 7.0
Sam AdamsScotch Ale Brand Available only in a special 'Brewmaster's Collection' Pack. Boston, MA  They claim they use a rare peat-smoked malt used in scotch whiskies. This may be true as the taste is unusual. 7.0
Sam AdamsSpring Ale Seasonal Brew  Boston, MA  Refreshing and rich yet simple beer taste. www.samadams.com 7.0
Sam AdamsVienna Style Vienna Style Lager  Boston, MA  Strong, robust malty taste. www.samadams.com 7.0
Sam AdamsWeiss Bier Bavarian Wheat Beer Unfiltered Boston, MA  Pale gold in color, same in taste www.samadams.com 7.0
Sam AdamsWhite Ale Seasonal Brew  Boston, MA  Spring beer for the season of 2004. 7.0
Sam AdamsWinter Lager 2002 A Dark Wheat Lager Brewed With Winter Spices  Boston, MA  A great beer - dark but with a lager taste, still rather strong. www.samadams.com 8.0
Sam AdamsWinter Lager 2003   Boston, MA  Still good, but not exceptional as the last year. 6.0
Sapporo   Japan  Pretty european taste, a little bit sour 6.0
SapporoReserve Imported All Malt Beer Japan's oldest brand. Since 1876. Japan, brewed and canned in Canada  Even more malty than the regular Sapporo, perhaps little too malty. www.sapporobeer.com 6.0
SaranacAdirondack Amber German Amber Lager  Matt Brewing Company, Utica, NY  Amber, a pale little bit bitter taste, rather neutral, www.saranac.com 6.0
SaranacBelgian White Belgian Style White Ale  Matt Brewing Company, Utica, NY  Amateur white beer, sour and then bitter. 5.0
SaranacBlack Forest Bavarian Style Beer  Matt Brewing Company, Utica, NY  Until recently, served exclusively on draft. 7.0
SaranacBlack & Tan Stout & Lager  Matt Brewing Company, Utica, NY  Rather ordinary stout. 6.0
SaranacCaramel Porter Robust Porter  Matt Brewing Company, Utica, NY  Not bad, peculiar flavor of caramel. 6.0
SaranacChocolate Amber Lager  Matt Brewing Company, Utica, NY  Interesting. 6.0
SaranacDunkel Lager  Matt Brewing Company, Utica, NY  Nothing special 5.0
SaranacGolden Pilsener American Wheat  Matt Brewing Company, Utica, NY  Good, crisp taste. 7.0
SaranacHefeweizen Wheat Ale The slight banana and clove aroma comes from authentic German Hefeweizen yeast. Matt Brewing Company, Utica, NY  Really bad for a white beer. In fact, I didn't even think a white beer could be that bad. 4.0
SaranacIndia Pale Ale American I.P.A.  Matt Brewing Company, Utica, NY  A bit too hoppy. 5.0
SaranacLight Adirondack Light Beer  Matt Brewing Company, Utica, NY  Dull light beer 4.0
SaranacNut Brown Lager Season's best  Matt Brewing Company, Utica, NY  Typical nut brown lager. 6.0
SaranacPale Ale Classic English Ale  Matt Brewing Company, Utica, NY  Smooth taste with a crisp finish. 7.0
SaranacPilsener   Matt Brewing Company, Utica, NY  Although pretty light in color, the taste is not bad. 7.0
SaranacSingle Malt Scottish Malt Ale  Matt Brewing Company, Utica, NY   5.0
SaranacStout Hearty Classic Stout  Matt Brewing Company, Utica, NY  Nothing special. 6.0
SchlenkerlaOriginal Smokebeer (Rauchbeer) Marzen  Germany  Really really smoked. 6.0
SchlenkerlaOriginal Smokebeer (Rauchbeer) Urbock  Germany  A little bit too heavy, otherwise good, www.smokebeer.com 7.0
SchlenkerlaOriginal Smokebeer (Rauchbeer) Weizen (Wheat)  Germany  An interesting wheat beer, www.smokebeer.com 8.0
Schneider WeisseHefe-Weizen The Original German Hefe-Weizen, Ale  Germany  Robust German white beer, no mistake. 7.0
Sea DogIndia Pale Ale Old East India  Pugsley Brewing LLC, Portland, ME  Too bitter 2.0
Sea Dog Blueberry   Pugsley Brewing LLC, Portland, ME  Tried on tap at The Sunset Grill & Tap. I'm not really into fruit beers, no comments. 5.0
Sherwood ForestArcher's Ale  Brewed in merry ole "New" England Concord, MA  Too woody, but not bad, really, www.sherwoodbrewers.com 6.0
SleemanImported   Guelph, Canada  Extremely smooth. 7.0
Smithwick's     Tried draft in Montreal. 5.0
Smithwick'sIrish Ale Distinct & Smooth  Guinness & Co., St.James Gate, Dublin, Ireland  This one is bottled and tried in Boston, it is smooth, don't mind saying that. 7.0
Smuttynose Brewing Co.Portsmouth Lager   Portsmouth, NH  Too fruity for a beer, can be used as something unusual. 5.0
Smuttynose Brewing Co.Shoals Pale Ale   Portsmouth, NH  An unfiltered beer. 7.0
SpatenPremium     Fruity taste 6.0
Stariy Melnik (Old Miller)Classic   Russia   3.0
Starobrno Czech Premium Lager  Czech Respublic   6.0
Stella ArtoisPremium Lager Beer Belgium’s Original Beer Has been brewed in the same noble tradition in Belgium since 1366.   Neutral taste, average, little bit to the sour side, www.bestbelgianbeers.com 5.0
Switchback Ale   Burlington, VT  Tried on tap at Pie In the Sky, Stowe, VT 7.0
Tennent's of Scotland Scotland's Finest Lager Since 1885 Glasgow, Scotland, UK  Nothing special about this beer, but it's not bad. 5.0
Tetley'sEnglish Ale Draught Smooth & Creamy. Yorkshire's finest pub ale. Carlsberg-Tetley Brewing, Leeds, England  A good ale with creamy head and a Guinness-quality taste. 7.0
The ShedAmber Ale   Stowe, VT  Tried on tap. 7.0
The ShedIndia Pale Ale   Stowe, VT  Tried on tap. 5.0
The ShedMountain Ale   Stowe, VT  Tried on tap. 6.0
The ShedSmugglers' Stout   Stowe, VT  Tried on tap. 6.0
The ShipyardPale Ale   Portland, Maine  Tried on draught, www.shipyard.com 6.0
The ShipyardWinter Special Ale   Portland, Maine  www.shipyard.com 7.0
TinkovRussian Pilsner  Purveyor to the Imperial Russian Court since 1759. St. Petersburg, Russia  American-style 6-pack, www.tinkov.com 3.0
Trout RiverRainbow Red Ale Brewed in Vermont  Lyndonville, VT  Tried on tap at Pie In the Sky, Stowe, VT 8.0
TucherMalt Liquor   Bavaria  Good but too light taste 6.0
Uno Amber Ale   Pizzerria Uno Chicago Bar and Grill  Draft beer. Refreshing but little bit too bitter. 7.0
WachusettCountry Ale   Westminster MA  Probably no one outside Greater Boston knows what exactly Wachusett is, so this beer is really local. But I do like it. Smooth and light, but very fresh taste makes it quaffable. Worth to note is that aftertaste is rather European than American. It is not as famous as Guinness otherwise I'd give it 8. www.wachusettbrew.com 7.0
WachusettBlueberry     Tried on tap at The Sunset Grill & Tap. 5.0
WachusettIndia Pale Ale     www.wachusettbrew.com 7.0
WachusettSummer Breeze Wheat Ale    A bit too watery, www.wachusettbrew.com 6.0
WachusettQuinn's Irish Style Ale     Pretty close to the Country Ale. 7.0
WachusettWinter Ale     Smooth and spicy 7.0
Waimea Brewing CompanyWestside Wheat   Hawaii  All three beers I tried in this place were about the worst beers I've ever tried. Tasted like ocean water. 2.0
Waimea Brewing CompanyLalikoi Light   Hawaii  All three beers I tried in this place were about the worst beers I've ever tried. Tasted like ocean water. 2.0
Waimea Brewing CompanyWai'ale'ale Ale   Hawaii  All three beers I tried in this place were about the worst beers I've ever tried. Tasted like ocean water. 2.0
Warsteiner Premium Verum Best selling German beer in the world   Neutral beer taste 6.0
Whaler's BrewpubAloha Pale Ale   Hawaii  Pretty bad. If you are on Hawaii, and can't find Sam Adams, drink Bud. 3.0
Whaler's BrewpubPolihale Porter   Hawaii  Pretty bad. If you are on Hawaii, and can't find Sam Adams, drink Bud. 3.0
Widmer BrothersHefeweizen Wheat beer  Redhook Ale Brewery, Portsmouth, NH  Pretty bad for a wheat beer. 5.0
Wolaver'sBrown Ale Certified Organic  Otter Creek Brewing, Middlebury, VT  Dark bready taste, not bad. 7.0
Wynkoop Brewing CompanyChurchyard Ale  America's Biggest Brewpub Denver, CO  Dark and bitter. 6.0
Wynkoop Brewing CompanyPatty's Chili Beer  America's Biggest Brewpub Denver, CO  It’s more like a fruit beer with a taste of chili pepper, pretty refreshing. 8.0
Dale'sPale Ale Rocky Mountain Pale Ale  Oskar Blues Brewery, Lyons, CO  Bought in 12 Oz cans. Definitely. the hoppiest beer I've ever tried in cans. www.dalespaleale.com 5.5
Smuttynose Brewing Co.IPA India Pale Ale Finestkind Portsmouth, NH  A little too hoppy. 5.0
Guinness250 Anniversary Stout  St. James's Gate Brewery, Dublin  It's Guinness 7.0
SchinNova Schin Lager  Brazil  Thought the aftertaste was very interesting, reminded me of japanese beers 7.2
Sam AdamsNoble Pils Seasonal Brew, Lager The only beer made with all 5 Noble hops from the world's oldest growing regions. Boston, MA  A little on the hoppy side, but really good. 7.5
Kona Brewing CoLongboard Island Lager  Portsmouth, NH  5.5